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WOSonOS 2008 Host Team

Open Space Learning Workshop

As the WOSonOS is not a training but rather an invitation to explore OST on deeper levels, we encourage anyone who has not yet learned the method or facilitated Open Space to attend a workshop or read Harrison's book and jump right in a few times before attending this conference.

About the Open Space Learning Workshop in San Francisco July 21 and 22, 2008:

This workshop brings together those who are new to the method and those who have experienced it—an opportunity to share your learning and understanding of the method and to prepare yourselves for facilitating your own Open Space. You will experience an Open Space meeting and learn how to design, prepare hosts or clients, coordinate and facilitate the meeting and help organizations or communities support the actions and momentum that come out of the event. This experiential workshop will include all of the things you may wish to know for holding your own Open Space event—from planning, preparation and design to logistics, talking with sponsors/clients, developing invitations and themes, recording proceedings, event follow-up, "what-ifs" and anything else you personally would like to share or ask about. Registration fees are flexible—money should never get in the way of learning. Participants are encouraged to read Harrison Owen's book Open Space Technology: A User's Guide prior to this workshop.

For more information about content, schedule and pricing for the July workshop, contact Lisa Heft at

For Open Space workshops at other times and in other locations, see