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WOSonOS 2008 Host Team

Global Village Marketplace and Silent Auction

Global Village Marketplace is where we set up some tables and sell to each other folk crafts from our various countries, books about Open Space or other whole-systems change processes, things we or our neighbors or friends have made—poetry, jewelry, knitted items, scarves, shawls, ornamental eggs—whatever each of you/us feels inspired to pack into our suitcases and bring along. You can sell your items to raise money for your own travel expenses, or for your community organization back home, or you can donate that money to the Access Queen Project.

Silent Auction is where we have tables with items on them with little cards next to them—you write your name on a card plus an amount you are willing to pay for an item you wish to purchase. Towards the end of the WOSonOS whoever has bid the highest amount gets the fabulous item, and the money raised goes to the Access Queen Project. So you may wish to pack along or send with someone some very great piece of folk art, fabric, food from your country, offer of services, book or whatever to contribute to the auction. Many fabulous items will be available for your auction bids at the Silent Auction table.