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WOSonOS 2008 Host Team

Who's Coming?


Brian Bainbridge
Michelle Howard
Paula Joyce
Brendan McKeague
Viv McWaters
Gerry Nugawela
Michael Wood


David Barnes
Chris Corrigan
Áine Corrigan-Frost
Finn Corrigan-Frost
Caitlin Frost
Veronica Pelicaric
Larry Peterson
Rebecca Peterson


Alan Stewart (Hong Kong SAR)
Gijs Van Wezel


Gerard Muller


Stephan List
Michael Pannwitz Jr


Jihee Seo

New Zealand

Anne Pattillo


Franklin Quijano
Edilburgo Silva


Larisa Nekroenko
Tatyana Podushkina
Pavel Tsarkov
Galina Tsarkova


Amaia Agirre
Ramon Alzate
Lucia Gorbeña
Cristina Merino


Ulrika Eklund
Eva P Svensson
Mats Wessberg


Jessie Yen Ju Hsiao
Jay Hung
Shufang Tsai
Gail West


David Walter Dongo

United Kingdom

Nicholas Beecroft
Phelim McDermott
Matilda Leyser
Annette Zera


Raffi Aftandelian
Jeff Aitken
Mary Jo Amani
Tom Atlee
Shaktari Belew
Gary Bellasalmo
Kenn Burrows
Nadinne Cruz
Michael Dobbie
John Engle
Merline Engle
Kelly Feder
Tree Fitzpatrick
Deborah Frangquist
Douglas Germann
Al Green
Rose-May Guignard
Elwin Guild
Kaliya Hamlin
Sarah Hargrave
Sono Hashisaki
Lisa Heft
David Hodgson
Nora Hoffman
Peggy Holman
Cheryl Honey
Jessy Keiser
Susan Kerr
Diana Larsen
Willem Larsen
Harriet Lee
Christy Lee-Engel
Claudia Miller
Ainsley Nies
Catherine Orland
Nettie Pardue
Norman Pefley
Erica Peng
Justin Sampson
Christine Whitney Sanchez
Reuben Sanchez
Heidi Saul
Yael Schy
Harold Smith
Sally Sommer
Robert Sullens
Marc Tognotti
Marissa Zamudio
Leslie Zucker